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Talking Smack is again no more

WWE rechristened the show ‘The SmackDown Lowdown’ starting with the June 18 episode.

At at a couple different points over the past ten years, Talking Smack was probably my favorite show WWE was producing.

Some of it can be attributed to the way guests on the SmackDown post-show seemed to have much greater latitude to present characters and tell stories their way. Some of it was due to Talking Smack’s talented hosts, and the great chemistry they had together (specifically thinking of the legendary duo known at the time as Renee Young & Daniel Bryan, and later the run by the pair still known as Kayla Braxton & Paul Heyman... although Braxton delivered some great episodes with folks like Sami Zayn & Pat McAfee sitting to her left, too).

No disrespect to current hosts Jackie Redmond, Scott Stanford & Matt Camp, but it hasn’t been the same since WWE got rid of the sit-down desk set and went to its current, presumably cheaper model of showing highlights from a studio and showing interviews shot backstage at the arena.

And now it really won’t be the same, because starting with this week’s edition, it’s not longer called Talking Smack.


WWE recently filed a trademark for The SmackDown Lowdown, but it wasn’t clear at the time what it was for. Now we know.

Ah well. As long as these two are friends, the spirit of Talking Smack will always live on...

... only on Tout.

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