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Pat McAfee made sure we remembered Corbin’s a bum ass

Madcap Moss completed his series sweep of Happy Corbin*, winning their Last Laugh match on the June 17 SmackDown.

That’s cool and all. We’re happy for ole Madcap (pun semi-intended). But the thing we’re more excited about happened after the match.

In a classic bully move, Corbin tried to transfer his own humiliation onto someone else, grabbing a microphone to run down color commentator extraordinaire Pat McAfee. And look, Haps isn’t wrong. Pat’s gleefully run down the former Sheriff and King, including giving him the all-time great nickname Bum Ass while he broke. But you don’t try to get your heat back against someone with McAfee’s gift of gab. After Corbin had his say, Pat Mac made him pay for it.

This one had it all, scripted fight fans. Incorporating the gimmick title of the match Moss won, bringing back Bum Ass, and even leading the Minneapolis crown in the University of Minnesota’s signature chant...

... and if it’s leading to a McAfee/Corbin feud? We ain’t mad about it.

* We’re counting Corbin’s disqualification victory from June 3 for Moss, since it happened because Madcap decided he’d rather kick his old boss’ ass than pick up a win.

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