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The Rock surprised Tamina with a new house

It’s been a bumpy week in the world of pro wrestling. But cousins Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tamina (real name Sarona Snuka) are here to bring a little light into it.

Rocky posted the following video to his Instagram last night (June 16). It shows him, with assists from his mom and real estate agent/interior designer, surprising Tamina with a new home. We recommend watching it with the sound on, so you can hear the love in both of their voices as he gives her this gift and she appreciatively and understandably freaks out a little bit.

The length caption beneath it is just as good. Johnson explains how he wanted to do this because of the way “cuz” has persevered through challenges and hard times to make it as a pro wrestler and to be an example for her two daughters.

We’ve seen Rock be a good dude to people in his life before, and heard stories of what a special person Tamina is. Seeing those things come together like this is a nice way to end the week.

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