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Stephanie McMahon comments on her new role as interim WWE CEO & Chairwoman

Steph has sent messages to the public and the company’s employees about returning from a leave of absence to serve in her father’s stead while Vince McMahon is under investigation for alleged misconduct.

Stephanie McMahon’s Twitter

Interim WWE CEO & Chairwoman Stephanie McMahon has commented on her new roles at the company her family has run since it was her grandfather’s Capitol Wrestling Corporation.

Stephanie’s return from a brief leave of absence and assumption of two of her father’s titles was announced today (June 17), as Vince McMahon “voluntarily stepped back from his responsibilities as CEO and Chairman of the Board” pending the results of an investigation into allegations of misconduct made against him & head of talent relations John Laurinaitis. Vince will continue to lead WWE’s creative efforts, leading many to question whether the move is largely for show.

Still, to whatever extent this is a PR move, Stephanie has a ton of experience as a public face of the company, and she’s showcased her strengths as a communicator over the years — both as an on-screen character and as WWE’s Chief Brand Officer.

Her first statements after this morning’s news once again demonstrate that.

Publicly, Steph quote-tweeted the board’s presser along with this message:

Until the conclusion of the investigation into recent allegations, I am honored to assume the role of interim Chairwoman & CEO. I love WWE and all it continues to do to entertain billions around the world.

Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics reports she sent a similar one internally to WWE employees & staff when the company’s press release came out:

“I will be returning from my leave of absence and assuming the role of interim Chairwoman and CEO.

“I love our company and am excited to continue to work with our President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan and our Chief Financial & Administrative Officer Frank Riddick.

“And of course, I look forward to working with all of you. My door is always open.”

WWE’s new interim leader comes across as passionate and forward-looking, which is part of what the company will need to weather this storm regardless of what it means for her father. It’s only one piece of the job at hand though, and much of that will be out of Stephanie McMahon’s hands.

And we’ll all have a front row seat to see how her tenure plays out.

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