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Sami Zayn is now stealing Roman Reigns’ best moves

WWE SmackDown on FOX

Whether he’s hamming it up with fellow Canadian alpha male Brock Lesnar, or blurting out the word “Uce” a lot while trying to become an honorary member of The Bloodline, delusional heel Sami Zayn is one of the best things going in WWE.

Zayn’s antics were on full display during this past weekend’s house show in New Mexico, where he stole Roman Reigns’ superman punch and spear in a match against Drew McIntyre:

Will Sami’s new moves find their way to television, instead of just being a fun thing for house shows?

Either way, I’m not sure that stealing moves will sit well with the Tribal Chief. It might already be too late for Sami to work his way into The Bloodline’s good graces again, considering Paul Heyman’s warning last week before Sami’s loss forced Reigns into a championship match tomorrow night on SmackDown.

But Roman Reigns is a part-timer who is rarely around to defend his gold, so I’m all for a storyline where Sami Zayn takes on the responsibility of defending the titles in place of Roman. Give me what I want, WWE!

What do you think of Sami’s new moves, Cagesiders?

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