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One of the things Sasha Banks is doing while suspended by WWE

Laser eye surgery, of course!

WWE handed Sasha Banks & Naomi indefinite suspensions for walking out of the May 16 Raw over creative differences, vacating the Women’s Tag Team championship in the process. Then, all parties pretty much went quiet on the matter.

The company made a couple more attempts to shame their exiled Superstars. Naomi reemerged on social media this past weekend to share some life skills she seems to be applying to her own. But her tag partner hasn’t said anything.

She still hasn’t. But we do have an update on Banks, courtesy of (checks notes) the Instagram account of a Florida ophthalmologist.

Sasha does speak in a video that leads off the post from Newsome Eye. And she is excited about the PRK surgery (Photorefractive Keratectomy, which is similar to LASIK, but the surgeon lasers the surface of your cornea rather than beneath it. At least according to WebMD) she’s about to get.

This isn’t something that would keep Sasha on the shelf for long, but it also seems like something she might not do if she was planning to perform in a wrestling ring again in the next few weeks. Other clues would be her introducing herself by her shoot name, and the lack of blue (or any loud, sports-entertainment-y color) in her hair.

We’ll keep waiting. In the meantime, congrats on the improved vision, Boss!

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