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So this is Apollo Crews in NXT

Apollo Crews returned to NXT to much fanfare last week, confronting NXT Champion Bron Breakker and making clear he’s back on the scene for good. He’s got unfinished business here, and that’s what brought him back.

This week, we got a look at how they’ll reintroduce him and it was, shall we say, interesting:

After a rip roaring return, they shot a cinematic video of Crews going to a diner, writing in his diary, having that interrupted by a fellow customer in the diner being rude to a server, daydreaming about assaulting said unruly customer, and then actually getting up and going through with said assault. Maybe it wasn’t a daydream so much as a premonition? Or precognition?


Is Apollo Crews a psychic?

Perhaps he’s just a good citizen who moonlights as a vigilante of sorts. Or maybe he just really hates entitled folks who treat food service workers like crap.

Sure hope the NXT roster tips well!

Anyway, here are all the videos from NXT 2.0 this week:

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