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Big E throws his neck brace in the trash

A positive sign for the former WWE champion’s recovery from the broken neck he suffered on SmackDown in March.

In late May, Big E posted a picture of himself to his Instagram Story. Normally that wouldn’t be noteworthy — it’s one of the things people do with social media in general and Instagram specifically. But this pic showed E without a neck brace, and we hadn’t seen him that way since his neck was broken on the Mar. 11 SmackDown.

Big E’s Instagram

This was especially encouraging since the last update the former WWE champion gave us was that his C1 vertebrae wasn’t “healing optimally”, and that he was facing another 4-6 weeks in the brace and possibly surgery. Use of that handy dandy invention called the calendar tells us that was a little more than five weeks ago. So this video E posted to his Story yesterday seems like very good news.

Avoiding surgery would be fantastic, so here’s hoping the ditching of the neck brace means rehab can proceed without it, and not that he’s headed under the knife. Our man Large Epsilon has been a living, breathing example of the power of positivity throughout this process, however. I can’t imagine he’d post this video if it wasn’t good news.

So we won’t dare be sour. Instead, we’ll put our hands together and clap for the health of our world famous 8 time WWE Tag Team champ... and FEEL THE POWER!

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