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Naomi reemerges with a powerful message

In some ways it’s astonishing that more hasn’t come out regarding Sasha Banks & Naomi and their collective decision to walk out of WWE nearly a full month ago. The company buried them on the way out, vacated their titles, promised a tournament to crown new tag team champions, and then seemingly forgot about the entire division.

In the meantime, both Banks and Naomi have been radio silent.

That is no longer the case as of today.

Naomi posted this to her Twitter not long ago:

It’s a Tik Tok with “five things you need to hear today.”

They are:

  1. Important people come and go, and that’s okay.
  2. You can look at it as rejection or redirection.
  3. You define what fun is.
  4. Sometimes you’re going to have to let other people down to make yourself happy.
  5. Your diet isn’t just what you eat, it’s what you watch, listen to, and allow around you.

That’s a powerful message indeed.

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