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Paige is leaving WWE soon

That’s what she said in a tweet sent not long ago:

Paige has been with WWE in some form or fashion dating all the way back to 2011, when she started in Florida Championship Wrestling before NXT was ever a thing. When it became a thing, she quickly became women’s champion there before being moved up to the main roster with a memorable Divas championship victory over AJ Lee on the Raw After WrestleMania in 2014. She was a key cog in the wheels that drove the women’s revolution, as the company called, shortly thereafter.

Sadly, it was just a few short years later that neck injuries led to her having to announce her retirement from in-ring competition. She worked in various roles for the company after but eventually retreated from television and has quietly finished out her contract.

In the above tweet, she does mention that she’ll “be in the ring” again, though she doesn’t say if that will include actually wrestling a match. Time will tell on that front.

Until then!

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