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Vince McMahon is reportedly shopping his memoir

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Over the years, Vince McMahon hasn’t had much interest in documenting his story. The WWE Chairman & CEO was all about building the myth of the business he grew from a pro wrestling territory to a publicly traded media corporation, but didn’t offer too many glimpses behind the curtain at his own experience running it.

We’ve seen signs of that changing as he ages. The 76 year old has several different Hollywood projects in various stages of development, and the New York Post is now reporting that McMahon is shopping his memoir to publishers.

The paper’s source compared Vince’s book to Nike founder Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog. They also said:

“It’s essentially his memoir about building WWE... There have been other bios on him and WWE in the past, but this is very much his memoir told in his voice about his rise and life.”

Should be an interesting read. It will also make an interesting companion piece to the upcoming unauthorized bio Ringmaster, coming from Simon & Schuster early next year. That book’s author, Abraham Reisman, penned a compelling portrait of another pop culture trailblazer with a complicated legacy with last year’s True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee.

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