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Cody Rhodes’ pec surgery a success, still very unlikely for Money in the Bank

We got some good news about Cody Rhodes’ torn pec last night (June 9).

It was welcome, and not just because we couldn’t take many more Instagram Story updates from the American Nightmare about how the entire right side of his was body was turning purple...

Cody Rhodes’ Instagram

Hopefully, the American Nightmare will soon be returning to his normal, beige/spray tanned state, because his wife Brandi informed us his surgery was a success:

Rhodes spent some of his promo on the June 6 Raw on his plans to compete in July 2’s Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View Premium Live Event, but even if he heals at a John Cena-esque rate of speed (Cena tore his pec in October of 2007, then returned for the ‘08 Royal Rumble), he won’t be working either of next month’s big shows. Most medical sources put recovery and rehabilitation from this surgery at six to eight months.

WWE seems to know this, with Monday’s scene designed to make the Codester look determined before Seth Rollins’ sledgehammer attack took him out for good.

Look for Rhodes at Survivor Series, maybe? Day 1? Whenever it is, don’t count on Money in the Bank.

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