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Cesaro’s doing something ‘Soon’

It’s been pretty quiet on the Claudio Castagnoli — formerly known as Cesaro, possibly soon to be known as CSRO — front since he exited WWE in February. Sure, you can watch the man play Elden Ring with regularity, but for those of us anticipating his next move in pro wrestling? There hasn’t been much to go on.

Which is probably why so many latched onto this tweet from Castagnoli yesterday (May 8)...

To be clear, there is no reason to think this is wrestling related. The more logical assumption is that it’s related to his Claudio’s Cafe coffee business, since that’s what we can see him plugging with his choice of t-shirt for the tweet pic. But Swiss is no dummy, and he knows he can promote multiple things at once with some social media crypticism. Posting this as WrestleMania Backlash got trending, and just days after AEW announced a “Joker” for the Owen Hart Cup field, is smart business.

He got us to blog about it, didn’t he?

Let us know what you think is coming soon from CSRO.

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