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Riddle thinks he might have a shot at a dream match with Brock Lesnar

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Riddle won over Randy Orton. Even Goldberg’s come around a bit on Bro. Could Brock Lesnar, and a match he’s been dreaming about since his days on the independents, be next?

The Raw Tag champ thinks... maybe? Here’s what he told Catch Club when asked who he’d pick to face at WrestleMania if he had his choice of legends, a la Kevin Owens and Stone Cold Steve Austin:

“I mean the obvious answer’s Brock Lesnar. I’ve been wanting that guy for a minute, but he kind of didn’t want me, but now we’re kind of like this [uses his hands to show he’s closer to Lesnar’s level than he was]. I might be able to get in there now. I don’t know if I’ll like the outcome of the match but... of course [I’d still want to fight him]!

“I had a little taste [at Elimination Chamber] — things did not go according to plan, I think everybody would agree with that. Brock broke out of his pod and did what Brock does. Nobody was ready for him and he came in and he ‘Brocked’ us. But yeah, I would like that match when the time’s right, and the build’s right.”

In addition to pretty confirming the rumors that Lesnar improv-ed his entrance in Saudi Arabia earlier this year, Riddle sounds fairly confident here. Maybe he’s already got an indication from Brock that he’s reconsidered his “never gonna happen” stance toward a match with his fellow ex-UFCer?

Interested in seeing it? If enough people are, I think the Beast will come around...

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