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Make Corbin bum ass again

Singles match

A former bum ass has repaid the jokester who cheered him up by blaming, betraying & burglarizing him.

The Road to WrestleMania Backlash

WrestleMania 38 didn’t go well for Happy Corbin. Drew McIntyre became the first person to kick out of finisher, then he had his (pretty bogus, but still) undefeated streak snapped.

Did he use these setbacks as an opportunity to re-evaluate his approach to his career? Maybe try a strategy that doesn’t specifically involve stealing other people’s property, as he did with McIntyre’s sword?

Of course not. Instead, he blamed the only person who stood by his side when he was busted last year. The man who’s jokes turned his frown upside down — Madcap Moss.

Then he went right back to his thieving ways, taking the most meaningful thing Moss’ won since his name was Riddick and he held the 24/7 championship. That’s right, Corbin made off with the prestigious Andre The Giant trophy!

En route to getting payback from his former friend on WWE’s Mother’s Day premium live event, Madcap’s gone on a winning streak of his own. Will he be able to keep his momentum rolling and get his trophy back on May 8?

What to watch for

Word is the brass is pretty impressed with Moss, so while Corbin will have to beat up a few folks before he enters into his next long feud with a babyface main eventer, it would be pretty surprising if Madcap didn’t serve Happy some humble pie in this feud.

And once that happens, what will he have to be Happy about anyway? He can’t be a bum ass for too long or he’ll become sympathetic (and he’s just more entertaining that way). But brief, periodic returns to bum assery could be fun. Just long enough to hear Pat McAfee dunk on him for a bit, and until WWE’s next trip to Vegas.

Let us know what you think about what’s next for these two former friends, and also...


Who will win?

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    Happy Corbin
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  • 81%
    Madcap Moss
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