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Sasha Banks made these middle schoolers’ day

Victor Taylor Perry is a teacher at KIPP AMP Middle School in Brooklyn. He formed an after-school wrestling club for his students, and the group gets together and watches matches — discussing the storytelling, and just enjoying some pro wrestling and marking out together as a community.

A couple of months ago, they watched one of many classics between Sasha Banks and Bayley (fitting for a school in Brooklyn, no?), and it caught the eye of a certain Boss...

With SmackDown in the tri-state area tonight (May 6), one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team champions made her way to KIPP AMP Middle, and Mr. Taylor’s Wrestling Club meeting. The pop when Sasha walks into the room is everything...

Yes, yes, y’all — The Club also has good taste in music:

She undoubtedly made an impression on those kids, and they certainly made one on her.

I’d also say every school needs a Mr. Taylor. To my eye, there’s two GOATs in this pic:

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