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Big E with a less than optimal update on his broken neck

He might need surgery, but he’s still staying upbeat and telling us not to worry.

In the week or so after Big E suffered a broken neck on the Mar. 11 SmackDown, he provided frequent updates on his status. Those were upbeat — the news was as good as it possibly could be given the circumstances, and E was his usual positive self even in the face of career and possibly life-threatening news.

We’ve had a few signs E’s living life to the fullest in his neck brace, but we haven’t heard much in the way of medical updates over the past couple months. He provided one this morning, and as he says, it’s not optimal. But he’s still staying positive and telling folks not worry about him...

E’s initial prognosis was that he wouldn’t need surgery, and while we still don’t know if he will require spinal fusion, this news dashes any hopes of a Ricky Starks-like recovery. If he does require a form of the procedure folks like Edge & Tommaso Ciampa have had done, it means we won’t see him in a ring again this year, and increases the odds we might never again see the former WWE champ wrestle.

But Large Epsilon doesn’t want us to fret, so fret we shan’t! We will keep a good thought for him though, and keep you updated with any other news he shares.

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