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Nikki Bella is hosting a celebrity game show, and Carson Daly will be there too

According to Deadline, Nikki Bella will be hosting a celebrity game show for the USA network called Barmageddon.

Blake Shelton and Carson Daly are executive producers and will also star in the show, which is set to take place at Ole Red (Shelton’s bar in Nashville).

Here is the official description of what Barmageddon is all about:

“In each episode, two celebrities will play a unique set of five games in the bar to win a much-needed prize for a viral Internet sensation each has chosen to support. Plucked from obscurity following their epic misadventures on the Internet, these now-infamous stars find themselves at Ole Red hoping to be redeemed. The competition heats up when the losing rival of each round has a chance to even the score by spinning the Wheel of Redemption, a risky move with hilarious consequences. Shelton and Daly will offer words of encouragement – and heckling, of course – to their celebrity friends. On occasion, they might even step in to show off their skills and play a game or two. Ultimately, the winning team takes home a prize while the losing celebrity must accept the shame of defeat. But this is Barmageddon – even if they did not win, at least they had a ton of fun trying.”

It sounds like Daly will be the bartender during the show, while Shelton plays music with the band.

Does this sound like a game show you’ll be tuning into, Cagesiders?

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