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Joe Gacy’s druids kidnapped Bron Breakker after NXT went off the air

The Spring Breakin’ edition of NXT went off the air rather abruptly on May 3. Two black-hooded, red-masked figures rose up behind NXT champion Bron Breakker, who was fresh off retaining the title against Joe Gacy. Then the show ended.

An online exclusive video gives us the particulars we missed. The mystery figures took the champ out with some steel chair-assisted offense, then got a burlap and barbed wire-adorned stretcher from the under the ring. To no one’s surprise, they were with Gacy. He led them out of the Performance Center, giving us the really ridiculous and very pro wrestling image of these supposedly cult-like figures marching past the show’s beach set.

Welp, Joe did tell us we wouldn’t like what happened if he lost.

Anyway... here are the rest of the highlight videos from last night’s show:

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