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Jeff Jarrett confirms his new job at WWE

Brett Lauderdale’s Twitter

Late last week, a report came out that Jeff Jarrett had landed himself a job with WWE. The Hall of Famer and TNA founder was said to be starting as “high level executive” who was “taking over live events.”

Sure enough, on the latest episode of his My World podcast with Conrad Thompson, Double J confirmed the news — while telling us the pod will continue (workers gotta work). Jarrett is WWE’s new Senior Vice-President of Live Events:

“I’m a personal guy and I’ll leave it personal for that matter. It’s kind of what’s been stated out there, SVP [of] live events,” Jarrett said. “You know as well as anybody, my passion is in live events. But I’ll just kind of leave that right there. It’s gonna be a journey that I’m excited about, but, as it all comes together, you know what this means don’t you? I am so ready for year two [of My World], let’s rock Conrad.”

The second generation promoter returned to WWE in 2018, which was noteworthy considering the way he left the company during the Attitude Era. After being welcomed back into the fold, Jarrett worked as a producer and member of the creative team before leaving in 2021 for, among other things, a run in GCW.

Now he’s back doing this. Ain’t that great for Jeff?

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