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Becky Lynch tags Chris Jericho after infringing on his gimmick during Raw

During her stint on commentary during the May 30 Raw, Becky Lynch was putting herself over, as Becky Lynch (and especially heel Becky Lynch) is wont to do.

One of the ways she did so was by declaring herself a “wizard”. Wrestling fans have heard someone else calling themselves that a lot lately. It’s the latest nickname Chris Jericho’s given himself, starting with the fireball he “conjured” into Eddie Kingston’s face on the April 27 edition of AEW Dynamite. Jericho even filed a trademark on it, as Jericho is wont to do.

The most interesting thing about the quick incident of gimmick infringement might be that WWE’s social media team decided to call attention to it. That’s what prompted Big Time Becks to tag The Influencer in a tweet explaining herself.

Hopefully there isn’t any heat over the use of one little word. What are they gonna do, beef with J.R.R. Tolkein too? Maybe start a feud with the NBA franchise in Dave Bautista’s hometown?

Then again, it wouldn’t be The Man and Le Champion’s first Twitter tiff, so... we’ll await Chris’ response.

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