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Bullet Club reacts to AJ Styles & Finn Bálor’s Two Sweet moment on Raw

Finn Balor’s Twitter

On the May 2 Raw, AJ Styles ensured (well, as much as these things can be ensured in pro wrestling/sports entertainment) that Priest won’t interfere in his WrestleMania Backlash match against Edge this Sunday. For that, he caught a bit of a beating, until he got help from an unexpected source — his opponent from TLC 2020, Finn Bálor.

That’s not Bálor and Styles’ only connection, of course. AJ was essentially the Irishman’s replacement in New Japan’s Bullet Club stable. That’s why their post-match “Too Sweet” was noteworthy, and noted by the current leader of the Biz Cliz...

One of the men who founded the Bullet Club with Bálor (who was then known as Prince Devitt) noticed it too. Bad Luck Fale also noted the date, which just so happened to be almost nine years to the day after he, Finn & Karl Anderson formed the group...

Will Finn make like Kenny Omega and turn on Styles? Did WWE book this moment in response to NJPW’s Bullet Club-focused Dominion show last weekend?

Fire away below.

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