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Nikki A.S.H. made history, and might be ready to drop the superhero gimmick

Amidst the quite sports entertaining Dana Brooke & Reggie soap opera/R-Truth sketch comedy show that is Raw’s 24/7 title scene, Nikki A.S.H. briefly won the green-and-gold belt last night (May 2).

We can focus on the fact Nikki’s gone from winning Money in the Bank and the Raw Women’s title to being a part of a goofy undercard scene in less than a year. Or, we can look at the way she is — that she made history as part of a frankly remarkable main roster career.

But if you are, understandably, looking at Nikki’s recent booking as a sign the “Almost A Superhero” gimmick was a bust? It at least looks like WWE agrees with you, and is doing something different with the talented Glaswegian. Like pairing her with fellow Scot Doudrop, and maybe ditching the costume?

Doudrop’s been M.I.A. since March, so anything that gets her back in the mix is welcome. A heel tag team with the old Nikki Cross? Early days here, but I’m intrigued and cautiously optimistic.


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