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No Cap, Moss is Mad and coming back to whoop Happy Corbin’s ass

Last we saw Madcap Moss, he was being loaded into an ambulance on a stretcher. His employer Happy Corbin, jealous of Moss’ success, Pillman-ized his neck with the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy. Then while Madcap was out for a couple weeks, he destroyed said trophy.

Now Moss is coming back, and he’s out for blood...

Corbin heard the news Moss will be back on the June 3 SmackDown, and issued an ultimatum: either bend the knee and beg for your job back, or this time the ambulance won’t be going to the funeral home local entombment center.

We’ve heard rumors Moss could be in for a character makeover as part of this angle, and this would certainly seem to be the set-up for that. Which would be good, because while this program’s had its moments, it’s still struggling to stand out from other employer/employee feuds in wrestling history — including one currently playing out in another company.

Excited for this no cap, all mad version of Riddick Moss?

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