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Here’s why the Undertaker is afraid of cucumbers

The Undertaker is in denial about being afraid of cucumbers. He admits that they sometimes make the hair on his skin stand up, and the sight of cut up cucumbers is far worse to endure than whole cucumbers. But he says he’s definitely not afraid of them and will simply walk out (instead of run out) of a room that has cucumbers in it.

Michelle McCool is very familiar with her husband’s unusual reaction to cucumbers. In an interview on The Wives of Wrestling podcast, McCool is asked to choose which one of them is the bigger scaredy-cat. In the process of answering that question, she explains why the Undertaker can’t even be in the same room as a cucumber:

“He hates cucumbers...we can’t even have one in the room.”

“Every birthday, [our daughter] gets cucumbers. She’ll put them under his pillow, she’ll put’em in his car. Cucumbers, he can’t even smell it.”

“Oh he’s done, can’t even be around it.”

“He ate so many cucumbers one day that he got sick. And ever since then, it’s just game over.”

I can only imagine what it’s like for Mark Calaway to live in this irrational cucumber-filled nightmare. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to run out and buy a new computer because some jerk left a bunch of lima beans on my keyboard.

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