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Nikkita Lyons reveals details of her injury

The WWE NXT star sprained her MCL and has already started rehabbing her knee.

Nikkita Lyons’ Instagram

On NXT last night (May 24), we got the surprising news that Nikkita Lyons was being pulled from the Women’s Breakout Tournament due to an injury.

This figured to be legitimate, as there was no storyline explanation offered, just that it was a freak accident that happened during training. More than that, Lyons has been one of the stars of recent episodes of the show, and was a favorite to win as part of her push.

Sure enough, tonight Nikkita hopped on Instagram Live to explain that she suffered a partial tear of her MCL (medial collateral ligament). It doesn’t require surgery, and she’s already started rehabbing it. The former WOW Superhero showed off a brace she was wearing on her right knee, but said she doesn’t need to wear it all the time.

Lyons didn’t mention how long she’ll be out; MCL injuries can require anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months of rest and physical therapy to return from. She did vow to come back stronger than ever.

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