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WWE remained fixated on Sasha Banks & Naomi during Raw

Meanwhile, The Boss appeared unfazed as she was frequently spotted at a celebrity-filled convention.

With Sasha Banks & Naomi’s suspensions announced and a rough plan in place to determine who would next hold the Tag titles they forfeited, WWE could have chosen to move on the controversy that’s dominated the wrestling conversation for the past week. But that’s not the path they chose on Raw last night (May 23).

Instead, they again had Corey Graves repeat a version of their unprecedented official statement on the two Superstars’ walkout. It wasn’t entirely out of the blue, coming while one of the wrestlers who Banks & Naomi were planned to face in a #1 contenders match was in the ring. But Nikki A.S.H. & Alexa Bliss have plenty of history, and their match didn’t need that particular bit of backstory. Nothing was added by again claiming Sasha & Naomi “disappointing the WWE Universe” with their actions.

The company’s continued attempts to control the spin probably aren’t going to change anyone’s mind. If you’ve picked a side, this is probably only going to cause you dig in deeper. Perhaps keeping the WWE diehards fired up is the point?

What we do know is that not only have neither Sasha nor Naomi commented, The Boss’ spin is that she is unfazed by the whole ordeal. Social media has plenty of photos & videos of her at tech entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk’s Veecon “unconference” in Minneapolis (where cousin Snoop Dogg was a featured speaker)...

Michelai A. Graham’s Instagram

... with TMZ picking up clips of The Boss with Snoop’s son’s Cordell Broadus dancing at a concert while DJ Steve Aoki was spinning...

Which is the better PR move? Time will tell, I suppose. Sasha’s approach looks more fun, though.

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