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Stone Cold Steve Austin’s had beef with his next Broken Skull Sessions guest

There’s a premium live event coming up on the WWE calendar, and that means it’s time for a new edition of Broken Skull Sessions on Peacock.

We learned who Stone Cold Steve Austin’s guest will be on the Hell in a Cell weekend show, and it should be an interesting conversation. And not just for a deef dive into the origin of “Slap Nuts”...

There’s some good ground for Austin to cover with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. In fact, Double-J already dedicated an entire episode of his My World podcast to his dealings with Steve. Legend has it the two had issues in Memphis when Double-J mocked Austin for being unhappy with what Jerry Jarrett was paying him, and in 1997 Stone Cold is said to have refused to work a program with Jeff in the then-WWF.

All is apparently good between the two wrestling lifers now, but there’s still a lot to chew on.

Gonna give the new Broken Skull Sessions a watch after in premieres on Fri., June 3, and maybe even a “Hell Yeah”?

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