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Roman Reigns is talking about his ‘last run’ on WWE house shows again

A few weeks back, Undisputed WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns got the wrestling world buzzing with a promo after a house show in Trenton when he told the crowd he didn’t know if he’d be back there again.

That prompted numerous reports that eventually revealed Reigns recently signed a new WWE contract, one with fewer dates — especially of the non-televised variety. Now, the Tribal Chief seems to have confirmed that part of the story during another show-closing speech, this time in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Sun., May 23:

“I appreciate all of y’all. From the bottom of my heart, I hope y’all had a great time. I know I had the internet talking last week or the week before that, but I honestly don’t know if I’m going to be doing too many more live events, like this, on a Sunday, going forward. This could be my last run and I just want y’all to know that it was very special for me, and I had an incredible time.”

Along with fewer house shows, word is Roman will also miss next month’s Hell in a Cell before headlining the next three stadium PPVs premium live events. He’s also scheduled for several Raw and SmackDown tapings during that run.

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