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CM Punk sends a public message to wrestlers in WWE

Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of Monday Night Raw this past week, reportedly over issues with the creative direction they were given for both the show that evening and more generally. The powers that be within WWE immediately went about the process of burying them for their decision, in as public a manner as possible.

That includes Michael Cole announcing their suspension on Friday Night SmackDown while saying they “disappointed” not just “millions of fans” but “their fellow WWE Superstars.”

That last point is particularly grimy, a really awful thing to make sure to add in, all things considered. Having said that, initial rumors and reports indicated Banks & Naomi didn’t exactly have a lot of support backstage for the decision they made, with their contemporaries seemingly believing they made a mountain out of a molehill.

Earlier today, CM Punk publicly posted a message to wrestlers in WWE, one it seems many of them may need to hear:

There isn’t any better guy to be saying that.

And there isn’t anything more to say than that.

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