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The only way to counteract Butch is with a MYSTERY PARTNER

Even with Kofi Kingston not around, Xavier Woods was able to pull out a victory over Butch on the May 20 SmackDown. Such is the power of his finisher, Backwoods.

That didn’t save him from a three-on-one assault when Sheamus & Ridge Holland confronted him on the stage, and a flying Butch took him out from behind.

So next Friday, with Kofi Kingston back, X is bringing in a MYSTERY PARTNER for a six-man against the Brawling Brutes...

No amount of wishful thinking will make Big E Woods’ third man, but other than that, the floor is yours, Cagesiders. I’ve seen a lot of speculation about Tyler Breeze being brought back, after his inclusion in WWE 2K22 eight months after his release and return to UpUpDownDown, but I’m not sure he meets the “someone Brawling Brutes don’t want to see” part of X’s threat. Could is be Cesaro? That’s probably just wishful thinking on my part, but...

Anyway, here are the highlights from last night’s SmackDown:

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