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Sasha Banks & Naomi’s merchandise pulled from WWE Shop

It’s the company’s latest move in a nasty battle that started with the two stars walking out of the May 16 Raw.

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The indefinite suspension announced on the May 20 SmackDown (with a side of character assassination) was WWE’s only move in their battle with Sasha Banks & Naomi.

All merchandise for both wrestlers has been pulled from the company’s online store, Neither woman shows up in the list of SmackDown (or Raw) Superstars...

Searching directly for Banks gets you this message:

And a search for Naomi returns this old classic:

As you know if you’ve been on the wrestle web at all since Mon., May 16, this is the latest twist in a story that began when Banks & Naomi walked out of Raw, reportedly over creative differences. They left their WWE Women’s Tag Team titles behind, and the company has since vacated that championship. There’s also been talk both performers were in the midst of negotiating new contracts when the incident occurred.

Certainly not the end...

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