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Tyler Breeze returns to UpUpDownDown

We were thrilled by the news from earlier this month that Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown was returning — and not just because it presumably means he’s being better compensated for his hard work on the WWE-owned YouTube gaming channel.

But we did have questions about the content, since so many of his past collaborators no longer work at WWE.

Yesterday (May 19), we learned that even though he’s a wrestling free agent, an UpUpDownDown fixture would be back. He’s perhaps Creed’s most famous gaming rival not named Kenneth Omega... it’s Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze!

UpUpDownDown told “us people” about this exciting return with a Matrix-themed video. Check it out...

X probably comes in third on my Morpheus power rankings after Laurence Fishburne and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (yeah, I liked Resurrections... deal with it), but that’s not the important thing here. What’s important is, “Battle of the Brands” is back, and so is Breezus!

Chuggs is probably out to the question, can Swiss be next?

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