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Don’t expect Sasha & Naomi to show up on SmackDown

Most reasonable folks probably weren’t, but just in case you’re holding on to some ‘it’s a work’ hopes...

As pro wrestling fans, everything that happens gets filtered through a work/shoot lens. I do it with things that aren’t even wrestling-related, something that used to make me feel a little nuts, but in 2022 seems relatively prudent. But I digress...

When I first heard WWE acknowledge on the May 16 Raw that they were changing the main event because Women’s Tag Team champions Sasha Banks & Naomi had left, part of me thought, “maybe it’s an angle?” But even before every credible source we have reported it was legit, I realized there was not kayfabe justification for what played out on Monday night.

In case you haven’t come to that realization yet for whatever reason and were thinking maybe Sasha & Bayley would show up in Grand Rapids, Michigan tonight for SmackDown? PWInsider is here to splash some cold water on your face:

Naomi’s husband Jimmy Uso is in Michigan for the taping tonight but Naomi did not travel with him, according to WWE sources.

Sasha Banks has not been seen in Michigan, and a long-time Elite subscriber sent word last night that Banks was on the same flight as her going to Minneapolis from Orlando.

Just because The Boss ‘n’ Glow connection won’t be on the show doesn’t mean we won’t get an update on this story, however. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced Vacant’s latest title reign.

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