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A very good photo from the end of WWE’s UK/Europe tour

In case you need a reminder that WWE house shows are a blast, or that Sami Zayn is very good at his job...

Here’s another angle on the closing moment of WWE’s event in Leipzig, Germany, which was also the last show of the SmackDown brand’s weeklong swing through the United Kingdom and Europe:

The * record scratch * freeze frame * “I bet you’re wondering how I got here” backstory for the pic? It’s a wrestling tale as old as time.

Zayn offered to help Bobby Lashley take down Drew McIntyre in the main event, but the All Mighty turned him down. McIntyre won the match, then Sami chastised Lashley for not listening to him. Zayn then said everyone in the WWE Universe needs to learn to respect him, which brought out a collection of babyfaces to join Bobby & Drew. The self-appointed “locker room leader” saw what was happening and tried to dip. When he found his way blocked, he made the mistake of telling the Women’s Tag champs he was to “beat their asses”.

That earned him a slap from Sasha Banks and a kick from Naomi, and the parade of finishers was on. After a Claymore, everyone gathered around for the pic.

Wrestling rules, even if you call it sports entertainment.

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