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Edge is teasing new members for The Judgment Day

Edge isn’t finished adding new members to The Judgment Day.

He already has Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley in the fold, but there’s always room for more. So who will the lucky fourth member be? AJ Styles isn’t in a rush to accept Edge’s invitation, and NXT wrestlers are released too frequently to count on any of them.

Edge has taken his search to Twitter, similarly to the way Seth Rollins tried to find his mystery opponent for WrestleMania 38. There are at least two specific wrestlers who have Edge’s attention:

Edge is a smart guy, because he knows that teases of a Paige return to the ring always get people talking. But teases like this never turn out to be the eventual answer, right? Does this mean rumors of Tommaso Ciampa joining The Judgment Day won’t come to fruition?

My best guess is that Finn Balor has secretly agreed to turn on Styles and become the fourth member, and Edge is simply creating a diversion on Twitter. But I’m just one guy on the internet who makes bad guesses all the time, so now it’s your turn to chime in below.

Who do you think will be the fourth member of The Judgment Day, Cagesiders?

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