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Johnny Gargano will address what’s next after not being AEW’s mystery man

Some folks were hoping that Johnny Gargano would be AEW’s mystery joker on last night’s (May 18) episode of Dynamite, but they got a different Johnny instead. Gargano’s name was buzzing nonetheless, because the AEWonTV Twitter account accidentally tagged him on the joker reveal Tweet, mistakenly labeling him as the guy. Oops!

Fret not, though, Gargano fans, because your guy has been announced for a “What’s NeXT” panel during the Starrcast fan convention, which takes place SummerSlam weekend (July 29 to 31) in Nashville, Tennessee.

Gargano’s lengthy NXT run ended last December. He turned down a safe contract offer from WWE because he doesn’t mind betting on himself. Gargano has since been very busy as a new father while keeping his options open about where he’ll surface next in pro wrestling, including a potential return to WWE.

We’ll presumably learn more about those plans during his “What’s NeXT” panel at Starrcast.

Are you excited to hear what Johnny has to say in about two months, Cagesiders?