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Report: Naomi walked out of WWE while negotiating for a new contract

The biggest story right now in pro wrestling is all about Naomi and Sasha Banks deciding to walk out of WWE around the time this week’s (May 16) episode of Raw began to air live. Follow-up reporting and rumors have indicated that WWE’s creative plans for the duo at Hell in a Cell 2022 played a major role in their decision to leave the Women’s tag team titles behind and walk out of Raw.

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer now brings up a new factor to consider regarding this story. He says Naomi was negotiating for a new contract with WWE prior to walking out:

“Her contract, I guess it’s expiring soon. But she was in negotiations for a new deal.

It’s possible that they might go with the idea that she’s not leaving, no matter what. Her family’s here. And so they don’t feel the leverage that say, they might have felt with a Kevin Owens or Sami Zayn, where if we lowball them, they’re gonna leave. So we have to give them a pretty big offer.

In her case maybe they wouldn’t do it, but most people that are getting new deals are getting substantial raises, major raises right now, because there’s a wrestling war going on. The salary structure of WWE talent has increased greatly because of this. This is a pretty good time for her to make, likely, more money, maybe even a lot more money...this probably won’t help her cause in negotiations.”

Meltzer suggests this is a bad time for Naomi to walk out of WWE given the potential money increase she could receive on a new deal. But I think his earlier speculation about a lowball offer is worth focusing on. Naomi has been busting her ass in WWE for over 10 years. If she sees that Kevin Owens recently re-signed with WWE for roughly three million dollars per year, and that WWE is currently achieving record profit levels, then perhaps the money being offered her way is insultingly low. That could very well be a factor in her decision to walk out.

Do you think money is playing a big role in the story of Naomi and Sasha Banks walking out of WWE? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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