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WWE signs high school student to NXT

During the May 17 episode of NXT, a hype video played for one of WWE’s newest developmental signees — Thea Hail. That’s not unusual, and especially with the Women’s Breakout Tournament underway, we’ve been introduced to several new female recruits over the last few week.

Hail’s different in one significant way, however. She’s a high school student, at least for the next few weeks.

The full intro video is in the playlist below (and Hail actually already debuted on Level Up last week, you can see highlights from her match with Elektra Lopez from that show here). Young Thea says she’ll attend college while training at the Performance Center, but we don’t know if she’s a student athlete who’ll be with WWE on a NIL deal or if sports entertainment will just be the job she does while going to class. Should be an interesting journey to follow.

Here’s all the highlights from last night’s NXT:

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