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Seth Rollins rejects the false narrative about his feud with Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is a hard-working underdog, a self-made man whose had to silence doubters every step of the way in his career.

That’s the story Rhodes and WWE have been telling since he returned to the company at WrestleMania 38. Booker T was selling it on Raw Talk last night (May 16) when asked whether Cody or his nemesis Seth Rollins needs a win more when they face each other in Hell a Cell next month at the premium live event of the same name:

“Of course, Seth Rollins needs this win more. Cody Rhodes right now is 2-0 heading into the rubber match. And I must say, Cody Rhodes, he’s not one of those guys that had that easy route. He had to work for everything. Seth Rollins is a guy that made it to the top relatively easy. But I must say, he had a lot of help. Cody had to break himself down and rebuild himself, and that’s the Cody Rhodes we see today.”

WWE tweeted out that clip, and Rollins didn’t care for it, breaking character a bit to push back on calling his path “easy” in contrast to Cody’s:

I get it. While Book’s comments are kayfabe, and probably refer to Rollins’ time with The Authority as much as anything else, it has to rankle a guy who busted his ass on the independents just to get a shot to hear someone say he had it easy. Rhodes’ journey certainly wasn’t without challenges, but it would be more fair to say they were different than Seth’s, not greater.

Let us know what you think of this narrative, and Rollins’ reaction to it.

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