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Is Liv Morgan Bullet Club now?

Once Rhea Ripley joined The Judgement Day, there was speculation about how her feud with former tag partner Liv Morgan would continue. Would it just be a side quest for the Nightmare, or get folded into Edge & Damian Priest’s rivalry with AJ Styles & Finn Bálor?

Now, Styles and Bálor were both once members of a pretty iconic pro wrestling stable. WWE isn’t afraid to wink at that fact despite the fact they can’t legally mention the group’s name (this is helped by the fact that, while they can’t hype the New Japan Pro-Wrestling trademarked Bullet Club, they can use the “Too Sweet” gesture the group uses as tribute to trademarks they do own like The Kliq and nWo). And that means that a lot of the speculation/jokes about the Morgan vs. Ripley program merging with the larger Judgement Day one involved Liv — however unofficially — joining Bullet Club.

This scene happened on the house show circuit over the weekend, but those aren’t strictly canon. But when it happened on Raw last night (May 16) after Morgan accompanied Finn & AJ to the win and watched their victory over Los Lotharios from ringside...

... I’m pretty sure Liv Morgan is Bullet Club now.

Somebody check with Tama Tonga or Karl Anderson.

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