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Omos big and strong, but not too bright

Omos and Bobby Lashley got another chance to settle their differences on Monday Night Raw this week, where they opened the show in a steel cage match. Omos had help from MVP and Cedric Alexander, and still managed to lose the match because while he’s very big and very strong, he is not very bright.


You’ll notice there’s a solid 10 seconds after the cage breaks where Lashley is just laid out and Omos is standing around dumbfounded. The finish happens after the video cuts out — Bobby just stands up and takes a couple steps to put both feet on the floor, giving him the victory.

WWE made a big hubbub over whether or not it counted as the official finish but that’s long been how these steel cage matches have worked. You either pin or submit your opponent in the cage, or you escape it.

Silly Omos.

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