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The name Nikkita Lyons proposed for her split pin finish doesn’t sound PG

Nikkita Lyons’ Instagram

Mandy Rose is probably the most prominent example of WWE’s “sex sells” approach to NXT 2.0, but Nikkita Lyons is its breakout star. That’s no knock on either performers’ talent and abilities, but their sex appeal is clearly a big part of their presentation on Tuesday nights.

For Lyons, that includes the way she pins her opponents, dropping her leg across their torso as she slides into a split. The move went viral (aka, folks were horny on main) as soon as it aired back in February.

WWE’s YouTube

WWE’s embraced their audience’s thirst for all things Nikkita, which makes you wonder what name she could have proposed for the move that would make them nervous? Her push brought her to Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast for FOX Sports, and while revealing that the pin was all her idea, she also talked about what to call it, and WWE’s issue with her idea:

“Yes, I have. But I don’t know if I can say it out loud. I don’t know if I should. Because I pitched it, and they were like — they loved it, but then they asked the higher ups... and they were like, ‘probably not.’ So I’m actually in the process of trying to figure out something catchy, but also something people would love saying and something that could become a shirt. So I’m in that process.”

A clue to what the probably-rejected name might be? Lyons says she’d love to steal Beth Phoenix’s finisher, the Glam Slam:

“Because I look up to Beth Phoenix very much — cause my idea for my split pin rhymes with that also [laughs], so — yeah.”

So it’s probably the... you know what? I like my job. Y’all make the guesses and the jokes below. And listen to Lyons & Satin’s entire convo here.

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