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Part-timer Roman Reigns will easily make it to WrestleMania 39 as champion

With the recent news that Roman Reigns signed a new contract with WWE and will be working significantly fewer dates going forward, many fans have been scratching their heads trying to figure out why WWE put both of their top men’s titles on the Tribal Chief. Is WWE really willing to go the rest of 2022 without a top men’s champion around all that much on television?

The answer might just be yes; it’s at least plausible that WWE is willing to do this.

Vince McMahon has heavily relied on part-time stars to fill out his biggest pay-per-view events of the last decade. Roman will be a different kind of part-timer in that he’s not a nostalgia act like some of the past stars who return approaching 50 years old. Regardless, being a part-timer will only help Roman stand out as a bigger star compared to everyone else on the roster. Overexposure in the era of three hour Raw episodes (which has been going on for a decade) is one of the most difficult challenges that brings down the star power of every full-time wrestler. In that sense, becoming a part-timer might further tighten Roman’s stranglehold on at least the Universal championship.

Can Roman feasibly make it to WrestleMania 39 as double champion? He’s already approaching nearly two years holding gold, but WWE still has just enough opponents hanging around to get him through much of the next year without being pinned.

There are four stadium shows coming up from July 2022 through October 2022: Money in the Bank, SummerSlam, Clash at the Castle, and a Saudi Arabia show. Roman can be paired up with Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley on these four shows.

Reigns can then skip Survivor Series. It’s not a stadium show, and the champion vs. champion brand supremacy gimmick that WWE has done for years at that event means he’d be fighting himself.

That leaves Day 1, Royal Rumble, and another Saudi Arabia show early next year, ahead of WrestleMania 39. WWE can revisit Reigns vs. Seth Rollins during that time, considering Reigns lost by disqualification against Seth at this year’s Rumble. Omos can fill in as an opponent on another one of those shows. That’s why Omos exists and has been pushed, I assume, to eventually lose to the top star of WWE in a terrible match on pay-per-view.

The final spot can be given to a part-timer like Shane McMahon, the old reliable fallback plan of Brock Lesnar, or an underdog babyface like Ricochet, Xavier Woods, or Shinsuke Nakamura. Hey, if Cesaro can main event a PPV with Roman, then so can one of those guys, even if it’s a bit of a stretch. If that doesn’t work, then another six man tag team Bloodline match can always be booked again.

Roman seems like a great bet to be holding at least one championship entering WrestleMania 39, barring a major injury. Leaving both titles on Roman Reigns until WrestleMania 39 sounds like a very bad idea to me. But if WWE thinks they can book Reigns vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 39, and they want the match to be as big as possible, there are just enough opponents left to feed to the Tribal Chief to get him there.

How do you think this will play out, Cagesiders? Will Roman Reigns lose one of his titles (perhaps via a Money in the Bank cash-in) before WrestleMania 39, or is this how it’s gonna be for the next 11 months?

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