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The McMahon family sure loves to fire people

On last week’s (May 9) episode of Raw, Sonya Deville was fired from her role as a WWE official. She lasted nearly a year and a half in that position, which isn’t too bad when you consider how often authority figures are fired in WWE kayfabe.

WWE’s YouTube channel celebrated the occasion with a video ranking the top 10 times an authority figured was fired on WWE television. Here’s what they came up with:

10. Vince McMahon fired by Triple H (2011)
9. Brad Maddox fired by Stephanie McMahon (2014)
8. Shawn Michaels fired by Vince McMahon (1998)
7. Triple H fired by Vince McMahon (2011)
6. Vickie Guerrero fired by Stephanie McMahon (2014)
5. Sonya Deville fired by Adam Pearce (2022)
4. Kurt Angle fired by Vince McMahon (2004)
3. John Laurinaitis fired by Vince McMahon (2012)
2. Mick Foley fired by Stephanie McMahon (2017)
1. Eric Bischoff fired by Vince McMahon (2005)

Vince McMahon firing Eric Bischoff (the head of WCW who almost ran Vince out of business in the 1990’s) and dumping him out with the trash is something Vince probably dreamed about doing for years. And then he actually got to do it once hell froze over and Eric joined WWE.

Can Sonya take any solace in the fact that the McMahon family didn’t have the courage to fire her in person, and instead sent Adam Pearce to deliver the message? Probably not.

Which authority figure will be canned next in WWE, Cagesiders?

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