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Randy Orton jokes about Shane McMahon getting ‘axed’ by WWE over Royal Rumble botch

Earlier this year, Shane McMahon returned and then disappeared from WWE television in near record time at Royal Rumble 2022. WWE apparently had big plans for Shane at Elimination Chamber 2022 and WrestleMania 38, perhaps including a WWE championship match against Seth Rollins. But those plans quickly fell apart and Shane was reportedly “let go” by Vince McMahon after the Rumble due to unprofessional conduct backstage. It sounds like Shane made an ass out of himself and rubbed quite a few folks the wrong way while putting the Royal Rumble match together behind the scenes, leading to his abrupt exit.

One of the stories about Shane’s Royal Rumble debacle included his entry number accidentally getting switched with hometown hero Randy Orton. Orton confirms this story in the above video for BT Sport, where he plays a game called “Know Your Bro” with his tag team partner, Matt Riddle.

The idea of the game is that Randy and Riddle try to answer questions to see how well they know each other. Riddle sets the tone for the segment right off the bat when it becomes clear he has no idea that Randy’s RKO finisher was named after Orton’s initials.

The topic of this year’s Royal Rumble comes up when they have to guess each other’s entry number in the match. Riddle confidently states that he knows what Randy’s number was supposed to be before everything got screwed up. Randy laughs about it and says: “Right...Shane McMahon got axed after that...Sorry Shane, love you man.” Orton finishes by saying he was supposed to be number 30 but ended up as number 29.

If you can’t get enough RK-Bro banter, then make sure to check out the full video of Riddle and Randy having a good laugh while mostly failing to answer questions about each other’s WWE career.

It’s been nearly four months since Royal Rumble and Shane McMahon has not yet returned to WWE television. When do you think we’ll see him back on Raw or SmackDown, Cagesiders?

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