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It sounds like NXT will return to touring

It’s really hard for inexperienced pro wrestlers to get significantly better at their craft without a lot of repetition in the ring. If WWE’s future success partially hinges on the development of NXT 2.0’s current roster of green wrestlers, they’ll need to start wrestling more than once per week.

To that end, Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer indicated that NXT will return to touring soon. Here’s how he worded it, courtesy of the transcript from F4WOnline:

“There have been talks and it’s not official but they are probably going to start touring relatively soon. Of course, I heard that last year. There was a time where it was about to happen and then they didn’t pull the trigger. But it’s back into the talking stage, serious talking.”

Post Wrestling’s John Pollock followed up on Meltzer’s report, noting that “a schedule has been put together that will see the brand resume non-televised shows.” Sources told Pollock that touring is expected to begin in June and won’t go outside of Florida.

This isn’t about NXT drawing big crowds, so touring a Florida loop of small venues makes a lot of sense.

These will be NXT’s first house shows in more than two years, since the global pandemic began in early 2020.

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