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Nikkita Lyons, Fallon Henley advance in NXT women’s breakout tournament

NXT 2.0 kicked off its women’s breakout tournament this week with two first round match-ups.

In the first match, we were introduced to Sloane Jacobs and Fallon Henley, both of whom have done work in NXT before, though commentary made sure to say Henley is “no stranger” to the brand. That’s likely because she was always going over here, with Briggs & Jensen hopping into the ring to celebrate with her after she scored the pinfall.

In the second match, Nikkita Lyons squared up with Arianna Grace in a match many expected the former to win with relative ease. She’s been getting something of a push, after all, and has been drawing more and more support of late. Sure enough, Lyons more or less ran right through her.

This sets up a semifinal match pitting Henley vs. Lyons, with a trip to the final on the line. We’ll get the rest of the first round next week.

The updated bracket:

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