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Dustin Rhodes says Dusty would have approved of Cody’s return to WWE

“Dad would always say, ‘Take the money.’”

Dustin Rhodes joined Renee Paquette on The Sessions this week, and of course the topic of his brother Cody came up.

When asked what their dad, the legendary Dusty Rhodes, would have thought of Cody’s first promo back in WWE on the Raw after WrestleMania, The Natural gave us a few things.

One, he confirmed his baby brother’s attention to detail when it comes to his interviews. Two, Dustin told us what Dusty would have thought about his youngest son’s entire decision to leave AEW and return to Vince McMahon’s company. And three, he gave us some insight into how important the American Dream is to both Rhodes boys:

“I knew Dad always wanted us to be happy. And he would have his suggestions and things like that and try to lead us in the right way. But ultimately, these are our decisions, right? Money’s money, and Dad would always say, ‘Take the money.’”

“I know just me watching his [Cody’s] first promo and seeing Dad up there on the screen and talking about him — Cody is very passionate about his promos, about every single word that he’s going to say which is very important, right? And especially for that first one, which was very important. You’re making a huge impact on a lot of people the first time he’s been back in years, and he did. And I know Dad would be happy.”

“He‘d be sitting in the rafters. That’s where I pictured him when me and Cody wrestled at Double or Nothing.”

Check out Dustin & Renee’s entire conversation — where they covered his road to sobriety, his future in AEW, and more — here.

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