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After weeks of babyface videos on SmackDown, Lacey Evans will reportedly be a heel on Raw

Lacey Evans’ Twitter

Last month, WWE began reintroducing Lacey Evans to us on SmackDown. Before her pregnancy leave, Evans had been the “Sassy Southern Belle” — an arrogant villain that looked down on everyone else. For her return, they were emphasizing the struggles she’d overcome in life, including abuse at the hands of a father suffering from addiction and mental illness. It certainly appeared Lacey would be a babyface this time around.

But then she appeared in the arena on last Friday’s episode, and her introduction included a heel-ish line about Evans asking fans “show the proper respect” toward her.

Confusing matters even more, a video recapping five weeks of Lacey’s seemingly face promos aired on Raw last night (May 9). Then today, we get this report from PWInsider:

WWE has officially moved Lacey Evans to the Raw roster... Despite all the videos that have been used to build her return, Evans is going to be a heel going forward.

This raises a number of questions, chief among them, what the hell was up with running all those tragic backstory promos on SmackDown?!?! But also: along with the recent returns of Asuka & Alexa Bliss, doesn’t this really stack Raw’s women’s roster? And: with Charlotte Flair taking time off, who will Ronda Rousey feud with on SmackDown*?

Give us you best guesses below, Cagesiders. Before plans change again.

* Please be Bayley. We need her back, and she should make a great foil for Ronda on the mic and especially in the ring.

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